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Welcome to my site for PDF files. Some of these are free to download, others have a minimal price. For the free ones, click where it says to download. The ones that are not free, click on the paypal button. Once payment is received, I'll attach the file to the email address given.

This is part one of the adventures of Santa Kitty.

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Santa Kitty make the stops as promised. Read more in the free downloadable pdf file.

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There are thousands of writers. There are many good writers, but there are extremely few great writers. Janet Elaine Smith is one of these great writers. She has written over 17 fantastic books. I have written reviews for each one of these. I personally suggest that you stop what you are doing and go over to and order your very own copy of A Christmas Dream. Then come back here.
My review site has a review for all of her material. You can also download her sampler below. There is an excerpt from each of her books.

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A strange thing has happened at the North Pole! Check out Christmas's Near Miss!

It was a horrible year!!! Global warming had done a real number at the North Pole. There was snow, but it was more slush than anything. Getting the supplies to the workshop was extra hard on the elves and the reindeer. As you must know, the North Pole is a vast complex with warehouses on the outskirts and special warehouses that house the baking supplies. There are caravans that trek back and forth bringing what is needed. This is made more difficult when the snow isn’t packed firmly. Last week, the sleigh load that Rudolph was bringing in, slid sideways and cracked a runner. It took several hours to get that repaired.


Santa Kitty's adventure continues.

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Santa's in trouble! His sleigh has 5 flats! Read how the rescue team saves the day and Christmas for all the boys and girls. Free download.

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